Cloyd's has a number of ministries for adults to be involved in....



Adult Small Study Groups

Multiple adult Sunday School classes are available for all ages and topics.  Sunday School meets on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in the C.E. wing of the building.




Cloyd's adult choir meets for rehearsals each most weeks directly after the morning service. They minister in the morning services as well as special programs throughout the year. Everyone is welcome.  Contact David Greer, Music Director here for more information.

Special Music

Opportunities to sing or play an instrument as special music in morning services are always welcomed.  Contact David Greer, Music Director here for more information.



Providence Place

Once per week, a group of volunteers from CCPC hold a worship service at PP, a local nursing facility.  To get involved in this ministry, email here

Good News Club

On Thursdays, adult volunteers host a "Good New Club" at W.A. Wright elementary school.  This after school program introduces children to the Bible, to prayer, and to God and enables them to see God's love in action.



We have church dinners, fellowships, and times to gather together to celebrate and build relationships.  This is always made better with food, and the hospitality ministry is a great way to be a hands-on servant to the people in the church.