Our Mission:

We are women of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church committed to the ministries of prayer, study, service, and fellowship.

Our Purpose: 

To accept and share the love and joy of Jesus Christ through the ministry of women in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church as we pray, study God's Word, and reach out through mission, service, encouragement, and fellowship.

The logo visually depicts our purpose and focus.

The world signifies that we are part of a worldwide church fulfilling the Great Commission "to go into all the world;" the "C" around the world stands for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church as a part of Christianity worldwide and for Christ; the three branches remind us of the Trinity, as well as the Three Tracks of our ministry, [Prayer/Bible Study, Mission/Service/Outreach, and Fellowship/Encouragement], but mainly the branches remind us Jesus said, "I am the vine and you are the branches;" the multi-colored leaves stand for our diversity; and the outline of a window indicates that Women's Ministry is a window through which the light of Jesus can shine.